About Classic Game Breeders

Traditionally superior

Classic Game Breeders was founded in 2015 by a group of ten passionate rare game breeders. Our breeding operations are spread across the Limpopo Province, an area renowned as being the heartland of game breeding in South Africa.
By combining our strengths and experience we truly offer some of the best rare game genetics in the country.
As members of Classic Game Breeders, we pride ourselves in the outstanding animals we breed with. Our members continuously strive to reproduce the best rare game animals by utilising superior genetics in their herds. Genetic progress is ensured by mating outstanding sires and females giving great impetus to our endeavour of breeding the giants of days gone by.
Herd health and accurate record keeping of all animals is a priority to Classic Game Breeders’ members. Not only does it guarantee the ongoing success of well-being and reproduction within our herds but it also gives the prospective buyer peace of mind.

Through meticulous selection and sustainable breeding practices every member adds value to our aim of being the most sought after rare game breeding group in South Africa. 
As our name implies we focus on breeding the classic rare game species of Africa namely buffalo, sable and roan, but we also breed with numerous other species including colour variants.
Every animal on sale at our annual auction has to undergo a strict screening process by a panel of members to verify that stringent standards are maintained and adhered to.
Health assessments and measurements are only certified by registered veterinarians.
With honesty and integrity unifying us as Classic Game Breeders we aim to sustainably breed and market the best quality rare game to new and existing breeders in the industry.



Our Members

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